Plastic Erotica Limited Numbered Letterpressed Print by Photographer Sid Ceaser

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The "Plastic Erotica" series explores the grace and sensuality of the female figure through the plastic toy medium.

The celebration of line and form juxtaposed with the raw sexuality that the manufacturer of these toys means to portray in their various states of manufactured undress. While meant to express a sexual ideal, there is a tangible feeling of light and beauty from these bits of molded plastic.


To commemorate the "Plastic Erotica" series by photographer Sid Ceaser, a special limited edition 8x10" print has been created with the cooperation of Manchester NH based business "Inkprint Letterpress".

This special print, featuring an image from the Plastic Erotica series features the Plastic Erotica logo letter-pressed onto the digital pigmented print, across the center portion of the image.

This print was printed on an Epson 4000 professional pigmented archival inkjet printer using Epson's Enhanced Matte archival paper.

Each print is individually numbered and signed by photographer Sid Ceaser.

This print is an edition of 25. Once the edition has been sold, no reprints will be made. 25 unique numbered photographic prints with letter-pressed logo to celebrate the Plastic Erotica series by photographer Sid Ceaser.

Actual print size is 8.5 x 5.75" on 8.5 x 11" paper

To see the series of images check out the website at:
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